Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Windows 7 as a remedy of Vista failure?

News are there about the launch of new operating system by Microsoft. Which is named on the version of MS on going Windows operating system. Its Windows 7, which is expected to release in early 2009. But before talking about more about Windows 7 I want to take attention of you people about what the current conditions of Windows Vista in the market.
Microsoft caused Vista to commit suicide because they left fearing from Linux. They claim that they build the system very secure and artistically managed to be compromised. They developed Vista to be overly secure and *very* difficult to crack and that artificially welded the price firmly to the product. If you wanted Vista you had to pay for it. Sure there were cracks but they were complicated and often beyond “average” users. Microsoft was in illusion about this formula: XP user base * Vista price = Huge profit. But people want to use MS operating system but in a pirated format, rather they pay $ to MS.
I can think that Windows XP is the widely cracked software available on the planet. It is very easy for any normal user to have pirated software to be download from Internet or buy from some underground software shop. It is also very easy for any user to remove Windows Genine Advantage nag in tray. So by all this MS pockets didnt get any buck. So they make ready Vista with a lot of marketting campaigns talks on confrences, but whats the result of all this is they need to consider new brand name for their product. I dont know how much they are expecting from Windows 7. But I think it is very hard for Microsoft to put XP user base into its control again.

The unfamousness of Vista put notebook companies to think to ship Windows XP again in their notebooks. Lenovo is also providing downgrading from Vista to Xp. And also I found Dell has the similar deal about providing XP in their notebooks.
Well people are not moving to Linux desktop OS yet, they sure will not move to Vista either. So can Mirosoft consider that “Lol! Vista was a joke. Here is our new OS which we were developing in real”? And they were developing Windows 7 for its desktop user base, which is currently relying on Windows XP.
And On FOSS fronts they have come up with BadVista campaign.
Now its your choice to evaluate. Feel free to comment.

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