Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to find and Download any free movies, softwares, games, videos, with idm resume support link.

Well many of you dont like torrent sites, the major cause, it may give sometime slow speed due to less seeds and peers, so are you searching for websites sharing movies, games, softwares, videos and much more with resume support download link.

Most of these websites use other file sharing websites to share files, that may give resume of download to your ip for some fixed time, or in some cases when you click resume download it starts looking for fresh link.

Here is how you can get any file free of cost with resume support and high speed, you need a download manager for downloading, i will suggest go with internet download manager.

Go to google.com and search for parent directory index "xyz" "abc" ."000"

Here "xyz" "abc" ."000" should be replaced with what you are looking for,

"xyz" with movie,music,video or any other one at a time.

"abc" with the file name, name of the movie, music or video. other one at a time.

".000" with file format, (.mkv  .avi  .mpg  for video format)  (.iso for game or software)  (.mp3 for music).

don't get confused, here is one example for you:

If you are searching for movie say harry potter, how you will find it??

here you go search in google: parent directory index movie harry potter .mkv

The first 2 search result are link of ftp server that will give resume support high speed download. open any one click on the file and start download.

There are many other search results in google which are not of ftp server, how to know which one is ftp server search result, have a look at the above image, this is how ftp server directory may look like, it should contain some keywords within search result-parent directory, date modified, size.

To search for music videos of any particular Artist search for: parent directory index music video artist name .mkv

Similarly you can search for any file type, well google have it all, you just need to know how you can get it.

Don’t be a silent user let us know what do you think about it in comments below :-)

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